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against a possible attack. good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. and i'm brian hackney. a tense day. ukraine begins to mobilize against a possible attack. good evening. thousands rallied against the russian military seizure after russia gives the green light to a possible military intervention. they warn quote wor the brink of disaster. the world is preparing to
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penilize russia. >> reporter: they demand that they disarm and no shots were fired. the government says they are at war. [indiscernible] >> reporter: pro russian demonstrators gathered, chanting. [speaking in foreign language] >> reporter: but thousands filled the streets. one sign reads puttin, hands off ukraine. the u.s. is demanding russia pull back. secretary of state john kerry says the g8 and others are board. >> all of them. every single one of them are prepared to go to the hilt to isolate russia in respect to this invasion. they are prepared to put sanctions in mace, they are prepared to isolate russia economically. >> reporter: the u.s. has no plans to u.s. military force
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against russia but did say the u.s. and allies are prepared to boycott the summit as russia goes on a path to war. >> secretary kerry is scheduled to go to ukraine for tuesday with meetings with the government. [speaking in foreign language] during his weekly address today, pope francis made for an appeal to come to a peaceful resolution. he addressed a huge crowd standing in the rain at the vatican. the pope asked everyone to pray for ukraine and for the people living in what he calls, a delicate situation. and for a second day, demonstrators have been out it in san francisco's pacific heights neighborhood protesting against russia and its precedent, puttin. how the voice for piece is growing. [speaking in foreign language] >> reporter: pleas of protests and for peace. much of it in a foreign language, a message of peace
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and lo >> we want to protect against russian invasion into ukraine. >> reporter: she is from ukraine. she came to america for an athletic scholarship and never left. she still has family there and people she loves. >> you don't have to claim war. >> reporter: they filled the sidewalk and spilled. >> the street in front of the consulate. carrying signs and crying out. a few comparing hitler. all worried about what is happening and what could happen. >> i have relatives and family there. we fought for democracy. we threw out a dictator who is just like puttin. >> reporter: the russian consulate itself is locked up, nobody answering the phone. protesters can not even be sure
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anyone is watching through mirrored glass or closed- circuit cameras but that is not stopping them from joining others across the globe all saying the same thing. >> we need to stand up and say putti n, stop. >> reporter: back to you. >> we tried to talk to people in san francisco's russian community for a comment in favor whaf is happening but nobody would speak with us on camera. and, switching gears to what is happening in the bay area regarding the weather. misty weather kept the bay area damp today. it is clearing up now. a lot of the areas got showered earlier. enough for drivers to turn on the wipers and that is about it. let's look at the latest from
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the kpix hi-def doppler that is ot showing much. much of it heading into the east bay area. not much action there. more on the way for later in the week. back over the bay area, not much at this hour. that is going to change in the next 24 hours. the latest on the satellite shows another system approaching the bay area. we will get more rain out of that, probably, late tomorrow. details coming up in the forecast a few minutes from now. a wild wave stunned people eating at a popular restaurant in santa barbara. everyone was enjoying brunch yesterday when -- >> well, a wave crashed into moby dick restaurant. windows broke and stunned customers. witnesses say people screamed as the water poured in but there was no injuries. check this out. storm surges tossed this boat around like a toy. waves also ripped through the
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pier and slightly injured two people. >> one person was taken down by the windows and he went through the door to the patio that was just washed out by the same wave and then our manager, simon, he was washed out with the wave and then went under the pier and was stuck under the pier. >> both workers made it out okay. no estimate yet on the damage. this was the scene yesterday, thick goopy mud. there was so much of it, it flowed between homes and into the streets in front of the houses. the homes were evacuated just in case more of the hillside came sliding down. today those people were allowed to go home and as melanie shows us the cleanup begins. >> workers are using shovels. and heavy machinery to scrape mud off of the streets here. >> we have the machinery and the people, this is a success story. >> reporter: they have tons of
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from ut they are getting plenty the town. >> the guy driving the thing is the head of public works here. out on a sunday on a loader to clean it this up. i love it. i love the people here. >> reporter: crews have filled two truck loads with mud. that is about 10 tons. they estimate by the time they are done they would of scooped 25 tons of mud. they are trying to get the town in shape as hundreds of evacuated come home. >> reporter: arriving home before an evacuation order was lifted. she loves her town despite the threat of wild fires and mud shiedses. >> i will stay. but people are wondering why i am here. [ laughter ] >> reporter: officials caution more mudslides are possible. back to you. an east bay home --- up in flames. and it's not the fit time. the one clue firefigh
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a death threat. where the man was last seen driving in the rain. east bay home up in flames, not the first time. the one clue firefighters have as to what caused this.
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flames were spotted just be 5 at this boarded-up home
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on altamont road. you can see, the garage was left wi gaping hole.. and the side the house was charred. a firefighte a two-alarm fire gutted a home. you can see the garage was left with a hole and the side of the house was charred. a firefighter fell through the roof at one point. he was not hurt. >> the floor collapsed that included what is a may day call. the firefighter went down to the floor. we were able to capture him. he was not injured. got him out immediately. called in an additional alarm for more resources. neighbors say squatters were living in the house for weeks of the cause is still under investigation. police and volunteers are searching for an at-risk man who has not been seen since wednesday night. he was last seen driving away from marine jones restaurant on the side of the 101 heading northbound 101. today, the police along withs his friends and family put up
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mierses at businesses around there. he has gray hair and gray eyes. >> he is in good health. good spirits. he does have some medical conditions and takes medications but nothing to sustain life. he was not suicidal and no suicidal thoughts. he just at this point he is just missing. >> the police believe he may of gotten confused because it was raining the night he disappeared. his license plate is 4seyo56, toyota camry. wine, not just for those 21 and over anymore. the push from legislatures that they are making to lower the drinking age. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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only for one very specific group: students who study wine. kpix 5's mark kelly on the w bill that would allow studes to sample their classwork. pak: nat drinking laws could get loser in california but for one certain group, students that study one. >> mark kelly on the new bill that will allow students to sample their classwork. nestled along the rolling vineyards. science and cultivation of grapes is studied. when it comes to sampling the wine not every student feels welcome. >> i wanted to see what it was like to taste it in class. >> reporter: when they took their first wine-making class
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they were not of age to drink legally. sampling the wine in class was out of the question for these two teens. >> yes. i really could not have my own glass. i could not have the wine poured to me. northing in front of me. >> reporter: but a -- nothing in front of me. >> reporter: but a new bill could allow them to taste test their own wines. it would allow qualified student to taste an alcoholic benefit repblg alcohol beverage and keep the school safe. >> reporter: they say lowering the sample age would open the world of wine to more students right out of high school. jump-starting their careers. in a safe academic environment. >> it is a great environment to do it than on a community college camp us. >> reporter: students that are 21 years old saying a lower sampling age would allow them
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to achieve a higher understanding of wine. >> you can not taste it or smell it you miss out on a lot. >> we can be more part of the class for the tasting. >> reporter: mark kelly, kpix5. >> the bill is dubbed sit and spit because they can not swallow the wine. this is for the schools that have the established programs. hollywood is celebrating the best and brightest at the 86th academy awards tonight. stars lined the red carpet outside of hollywood's theater this afternoon. film critics say this year's best picture race is the closest in decades. "12 years of slave" is side to be a top one. now, not much rain today. not amounting to much. it was a nuisance.
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and the hi-def doppler is showing us that we continue to be annoyed by it. [ laughter ] >> yes. >> and, off shore from san francisco it is not picking up a drop. there are places where there is a little bit of drizzle and that is the case for the next 24-36 hours. and on the time lapse here you can see what is coming. the fetch of moisture coming back from north of the hawaiian islands. increasing the clouds by commute time. just in time for the drive home. it is going to begin to rain again. right now, ocean beach, numbers are good. near that. 69, wind speeds shift friday where they were yesterday. north/northeast to the west/southwest. much more moist direction and fog tonight pretty much a good bet. winds now most he less than 10 miles an hour but out of napa. stronger at fairfield. 8:00 tonight, numberses in the middle 50s for the most part. fog along the shore. cloudy skies for the ref of the bay area. out the door tomorrow, clouds,
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clouds, clouds, temperatures in the 50s. not much in the way of rain in the early going, the clouds will increase. we will be looking at the bay area. not a huge rainmaker but never the less it is going to be raining. more showers on monday as the poeufture works its moisture works up. and the rain overspreads the bay area. by 5:00, 6:00 tonight we will be looking at a huge part of rain for the bay area. heavier cells in sonoma county. it will be out of here by tuesday morning. the timing is bad. showers tonight, showers later tomorrow, next chance of rain coming in late on wednesday. now, to the bay area, timing is not bad. we have mostly cloudy skies in the morning at least.
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and for los angeles, 66 degrees with clouds. and new york has a lot it is dealing with back east. overnight, looking at 65. they are calling for temperatures to climb near 70 degrees. but after we get a shot of rain tomorrow afternoon and a shot of rain coming in on thursday then we will look for things to cheer up, friday, saturday, sunday, sunshine, temperatures in excess of 70 degrees by saturday. first the rain. then the sun. who knows, maybe green hills. >> yes. mount deablo green. yes. speaking of green, the golf course. now, walking off of the course today, i will tell you why. and the surprising reason
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why a warrior player missed a game today ,,,,,,,,
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one of the best things is that millions of peopleia will qualify for financial assistance. it's important to remember that the lower your annual income, the greater financial assistance you will receive. enroll today at
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warriors north of the borde toronto this afternoon, they did you hear a warriors player did not make it to the game? >> i had a friend call me from cabo. come down but i didn't because my passport expired but, at least i was not working. they played without jermaine o'neil who did not make the trip because of problems with his passport, no, really: the
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warriors outscored the raptors by 8. game high 34 points. golden state, led by 5 going into the 4th. up 11-0. now, peterson, take s it. they are up by 6. warriors, under 3 to play. set it back. does not fall. thompson, now, a chance to get the lead. he can not hit it either. warriors shot 22 they just turn today over too much. crunch time, could not take care of the basketball. three straight times no shot. 5 turnovers for the warriors, now, putting the game away with a tough jump shot. 32 points, disappointing loss to the warriors. they full. devils are up 2-1. he finishes
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up. three goals in two games. alex and another strong game. he is making a push midway through the 3rd. now, setting it up. fires one in the back of the net and they have the lead. and, patty, putting the game on ice with his 25th of the season. sharks wrap up their post olympic trip with a 2-1 record. it will be a nice slide back for san jose. now, 5 holes to play due to back pain, tiger with drew. mackelroy finished. t-shot. now, double bogey to fall out of the lead. despite that, he had had a chance to win with an eagle on 18. but, it ran long. that led to a 4-way playoff.
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the suspension did not last long he earns a spot in the master's next month. lpga, give me singapore. on the second play off hole. forget getting it close, 75 feet out. or eagle. eagle -- are you kidding me? now. hold it, hold it, green flag in the air. >> boogiity, boogity, boogity, let's go racing, boys. >> now, kevin harvick toughest task was holding off joey longono on a restart. smooth sailing for him as he wins his 2nd straight at phoenix international raceway. tim hudson making his debut for
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the giants, retiring in the first thanks to the defense. sliding, making the catch. come on, great defense. he suffered a broken leg while recovering first base. nice to see him get that one out of the way. a's and angels, how about joe, appears to be in season form double to left. it is driven in 5 runs for that. they beat them 5-2. now, the a's right fielder signed a $1 million deal for one year. oakland favorite. things have not always come easy. had his father was involved in aer isious electrical accident when josh was a year old. see how he struggled, helped him get to where he is today coming up on "gameday".
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>> when he realized i was being electrocuted i was dead. they brought me down and did cpr on me. >> amazing story. we will have that. everybody continues to talk about their situation with the 49erss, jim harbaugh. is anything going to happen? we will debata that coming up. >> and your gut? >> he will remain coach for sure. two years left. it is fun to talk about him, though. [ laughter ] >> yes. unless you are talking with him. [ laughter ] >> and then he does not necessarily want -- >> he will not give you anything. >> right. yes. exactly. all right, thank you. >> yes. that is it for us at 5:30. we will see you back here in 30 minutes and then again at 11:00 tonight.
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these are the hands a pediatrician. these are pioneering advances in heart surgery. and these are developing groundbreaking treatments for cancer. they're the hands of the nation's top doctors. kaiser permanente doctors. and though they are all different, they work together on a single mission: saving lives. discover how we are advancing medicine at join us, and thrive.
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>> jeff: tonight on the brink of disaster, bold words from ukraine's prime minister after russia takes control of crimea. charlie d'agata and liz palmer in ukraine, major garret in explains u.s. options from washington. march mess-- the dangerous storm system that brought rain, mud and high surf to california... ( glass shattering ) ( screaming ) now spreading ice from oklahoma to the ohio valley. and about to drop as much as a foot of snow in the mid- atlantic. south africa's trial of the century starts tomorrow. former olympian oscar pistorius back in court. and what happens when a neo-nazi and the man he brutally attacks meet three decades later? >> i went most of my life thinking that i had killed this person. >> jeff: carter evans on the oscar contender "facing fear."

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